Pi Kappa Alpha: Alexander Broughton, University of Tennessee student, denies taking 'alcohol enema'

Alexander Broughton WREG

(CBS/AP) KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Alexander Broughton, the University of Tennessee student cited in police reports as experiencing alcohol poisoning from a wine enema claims the report is false and he is prepared to take legal action.

Broughton's attorney, Daniel McGehee, announced the potential action at a news conference Tuesday.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports McGehee said the witness interviewed by police at the emergency room has denied telling officers Broughton was sickened by an alcohol enema.

McGehee also said the UT police report on the incident was released in violation of federal medical privacy laws.

In a written statement, Broughton said news media reports have implied that he is gay, which he said he is not.

He also said that as a Christian he would never desecrate his body with an alcohol enema.

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