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Photographer unveils rare Beatles pictures

Several lost Beatles photos from 50 years ago have been found and are now viewable for the first time.

Image of the famed group shortly after their arrival in America. Bob Gomel

The photos were shot in Miami by Life magazine photographer Bob Gomel shortly after the Fab Four had their first American television appearance. Life had deployed a team of photographers to document the Beatles' second Ed Sullivan show, which was broadcast from Miami Beach.

A local radio DJ had let out the secret about the Beatles arriving in Florida, so when the group landed the guys were mobbed by fans, and the original shoot was moved to a swimming pool at a private home.

Several photos capture John, Paul, Ringo and George lounging by the pool and frolicking in the water. Bob Gomel remembers, "They were the whitest-white people I had ever met. When they took their shirts off, living the life in the nightclubs in Hamburg and London, it was blinding."

Gomel also says the band was well-mannered and friendly. He said their stardom had not affected their personalities.

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