Philadelphia lawyer will serve 15 years in jail for forcing 12-year-old to "become his sex slave"

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(CBS/AP) PHILADELPHIA - An affluent Philadelphia lawyer was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his sexual abuse conviction in Oct. 2010.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports Kenneth Schneider, 47, was sentenced Thursday before U.S. District Judge Juan Sanchez, who likened him to a "monster" who forced a 12-year-od boy to "become his sex slave" for six years.

Schneider was accused having a long-term relationship with a 12-year-old Russian boy beginning in 1998. Schneider paid for the boy's ballet school and convinced his parents to let the child move into his apartment. The relationship ended in 2004.

Roman Zavarov, now 25, testified against Schneider at trial after filing a civil lawsuit against him in 2008. In court he claimed Schneider had oral and/or anal sex with him three or four times a week when he was 14 and 15 years old.

Schneider took the stand to defend himself and denied ever having illicit sex with Zavarov. He was convicted last year of traveling for the purpose of engaging in sex with a minor.

Schneider was an international business lawyer and founder of the Apogee Foundation, a New-York based arts group. He made himself out to be a benefactor of artistically gifted children.

Judge Sanchez told Schneider "You exploited a 12-year-old boy and basically wrecked his life." He explained Zavarov still suffers psychological trauma from the relationship. He ordered the lawyer to pay $35,000 in restitution for medical and professional counseling for Zavarov.

Michelle Morgan, Assistant U.S. Attorney, said she hoped the sentence would bring closure to Zavarov.

Zavarov is now married and a professional ballet dancer in Arizona.