Phila. man pleads guilty to killing toddler with drain cleaner

Aaron Pace
Philadelphia Police via CBS Philadelphia

(CBS/AP) PHILADELPHIA - Aaron Pace, a 36-year-old Philadelphia man, was sentenced to up to 35 years in prison after he admitted killing a toddler he was babysitting by rubbing drain cleaner on him.

Pace pleaded guilty Wednesday to third-degree murder in the February 2010 death of 20-month-old Sulaiman Orrell-Kirkland.

CBS Philadelphia reports it was a painful, torturous death that occurred over five days. The boy had burns over roughly 20 percent of his body. According to investigators, Pace committed the act because the boy was fussing and crying during bathtime.

Pace, who was a family friend of the victim, admitted he got mad and grabbed a container of drain-cleaning crystals and rubbed them over the boy's body with a rag.

The defendant, described by his defense attorney as "low functioning" with a low IQ, said he was sorry and was taking responsibility for his actions.

Members of Pace's family were ejected from the courtroom for swearing and threatening the victim's family.

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