Perfect Pet Presents

Pet, gifts for you pets, dog on a bed
CBS/The Early Show
Pets are people, too, or so pet lovers would jokingly suggest.

So, they shouldn't be forgotten at holiday time. The pets, that is! It's no wonder holiday spending for pets is a multi-billion dollar business!

On The Early Show Thursday, resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner shared a long list of ideas about products sure to make the pet or pet lovers in your life happy!

The descriptions below come from various sources, including the Web sites of the items' manufacturers.


This canine treadmill is engineered to exacting standards derived from thirty years of research and innovation. Designed with the input of veterinarians, physical therapists and engineers, JOG A DOG is truly the best exercise system available for the most discriminating consumer.
MSRP: $1,095 (small),$1,375 (medium), $1,825 (large), $2,995 (X-Large);


Put your small animal pet inside the wheel of the Critter Cruiser and watch the fun begin. Let him race around the house. You can also set it so that the Cruiser remains stationary while he runs in the wheel, or you can take the wheel out of the Cruiser and use it by itself. Made of easy-to-clean, smooth plastic with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Wheel is well ventilated for your small pet's safety and comfort.
MSRP: $14.99;


A fun, interactive toy that will keep you and your cat thrilled with the chase. This cute felt-covered mouse is easy to control by remote. Requires 2 AA batteries/ Mouse: 3" long x 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" high Remote Control: 3" Diameter
MSRP: $14.99;


Solid rubber ball with a tongue.... what could be more ridiculous! Humunga Tongue is a fetch dog toy, easy to retrieve, and what a photo opportunity. Available in small, medium, large.
MSRP: $12;


Embroidered dog track jackets (available with Germany, Italy, USA, and Brasil) for the doggie soccer fan.
MSRP: $39;


The Booster Bath conquers the three most difficult aspects of home grooming: Elevations, containment, and drainage. You will enjoy 360 degree access while eliminating slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches and messy bathroom clean ups. Bathing can now be transformed from a dreaded chore into a simple task while bonding with your dog!
MSRP: $179.95;


The innovative Pet Murphy Bed complements your home and provides a comfy fold down bed alternative to traditional pet beds. Easily blends in with existing furniture. Stylish and compact with a contemporary raised panel front. A smart space saving solution for recreational vehicle owners, where space is limited and space for your pet is a must. Dimensions: 24" W x 36"H x 10" D. Mattress 22" x 28" x 4" thick foam and batting with a fitted/removable washable sheet. Thoughtfully made from tree farmed Rubber Wood.
MSRP: $249.99; 1-800-Mattress or

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