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Perfect Gifts to Pamper Your Pet

From hands-free leashes to edible treats, in the holiday series "Early Holiday Unwrapped," Early Show resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell highlighted some of this year's great gift options for your pets.

Holiday Gift Guide

The following product descriptions were prepared using information provided by the manufacturers.

Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Cottage $40
• MEGA-strong corrugated cat climber holds cats up to 20 lbs
• An affordable alternative to carpeted furniture
• Perfect for the box-loving cat

One-of-a-kind, MEGA-strong corrugated cottage designed specifically for the climb-loving cat. Priced lower than carpeted furniture, irresistible Cottage features four levels of double-thick corrugated cardboard for extra support, with 9" diameter cutouts so kitty can explore level after alluring level. Charming Cottage motif makes any cat feel at home and comes complete with two 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" top floor lookouts, four 5-3/4" x 6-1/2" hide-and-seek windows, and two 8-1/2" x 8-3/4" bottom level entrances for easy access. 22-1/4" x 20-1/2" x 46" high. Optional Top, sold separately, adds 5th level! Assembly required. For cats 20 lbs and less.

Smart Cat Tick Tock Teaser (from $24
Two moving targets excites the predator in your cat. The Tick Tock Teaser is an interactive toy that your cats will love. With two moving targets the Tick Tock Teaser will bring out the predator in your cat. It is very important for indoor only cats to get mental and physical stimulation. The Tick Tock Teaser is made to challenge your cat to capture the mouse by batting it back and forth this will help your cat to satisfy both needs.

Features and benefits:
• Two moving targets excites the predator in your cat.
• Easily change the 'prey' by attaching different VELCRO® toys
• Sturdy Wood Construction that last for years and looks nice in your house
• Your Kitty will love this exiting game of hunt and chase
• Stimulates indoor-only cats to keep them mentally and physically fit

Walk 4 Life Pet Pedometer $15

• Pedometer For Your Pet
• Step Counter
• Activity Counter

• Large Digital Display
• Step Counter
• Durable Construction
• Water Resistant
• Activity Time Feature

The Shabby Dog hands-free leash, collar & wrist cuff

Cuff $40
Leather dog leash $88
Leather dog collar $36-$52

This is an Original Shabby Dog design. Genuine leather Dog Leash with yellow stitching and hand painted yellow edges. This leather is so soft and durable your pooch will love it. Matching dog collars and wrist cuffs also available.

The Original Shabby Dog Patent leather five-foot leash & cuff comes in a variety of colors. Genuine Italian Patent Leather. The cuff design allows you to walk your dog hands free. The leash is designed to use with the cuff or simply attach the clip to the d-ring and it becomes a standard leash. The cuff can also be worn as a piece of jewelry. Matching collars also available.

Uncle Norman's™ Pet Bath Sponge $10

Uncle Norman's 1-Step Pet Bath Sponge for Large Pets is a complete pet washing & shampoo system in one unique, easy to use product.

Uncle Norman's 1-Step Pet Sponge allows you to bathe your dog or horse with ease. Uncle Norman's 3-in-1 sponge contains shampoo, conditioner, and odor neutralizer - no need to buy any of them separately. 42 special massage bumps on the washing surface help increase the effectiveness of the bath and provides a massage that can help relax your animal. The patented sustained soap release sponge can be used for multiple baths.

You simply soak the sponge, squeeze, and your dog or horse is ready for bath time. Easier to wash your pet with one hand and hold your pet with the other hand.

Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove $20 (per glove)

Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove™ is the solution to the problem of wet, dirty dog paws. Before those messy paws track dirt into your home or automobile, or soil your clothing, use Spotless Paw to thoroughly clean and dry them. This soft, super-absorbent, unique six-fingered glove, manufactured of the highest quality microfiber, is designed for use with either the right or left hand - AND either side can be used, doubling the cleaning surface area.

DELUCA DOG AND FRIENDS ™ Bake Dough for Dogs $14

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$4 of each item purchased will benefit an organization of the customer's choice.

Classic Peanut Butter Spoon & Bake Dough for Dogs
Have your dog dancing from preheat to eat with the aroma and taste of lots of real peanut butter, whole eggs, wheat flour, and just enough molasses for, perfectly soft baked, dog treats.

All Natural Oats & Cheddar Spoon & Bake Dough for Dogs
Go with the dough with real cheddar cheese, nutritious rolled oats, whole eggs, wheat flour, and golden yummy honey for, deliciously moist, dog treats.

The Recipes for DeLuca Dog and Friends™ Spoon and Bake Dough for dogs are made from wholesome simple ingredients. We proudly make our dough right here in the USA. We use only premium quality, human grade, ingredients, so that all dogs can enjoy fresh from the oven, home baked goodness.

We carefully select and optimize the benefits of nutritious dog friendly ingredients for our Spoon & Bake Dough. When the dough bakes it has the wonderful aroma and look of traditional "people" baked goods. These homemade treats may look good enough to eat, but are specifically just for a dog's palate and well being.

DeLuca Dog and Friends™ Spoon & Bake Dough offers fun wholesome treats for dogs and fun and easy baking activities people of all ages can enjoy.

Baking and Handling Instructions
Classic Peanut Butter Spoon & Bake Dough for Dogs

Baking Instructions:
1. Thaw to spoon-able consistency.
2. Preheat oven to 325ºF.
3. Spoon desired size onto baking sheet.
4. Slightly press down each cookie.
5. Make crisscross design on top of cookie with fork.
6. On the middle rack of the oven bake approximately 8-12 minutes until lightly browned. Times may differ due to oven variations and size of treats.
7. Allow to cool before giving to dog.

Handling Instructions:
Because our dough is made from wholesome simple ingredients, it needs to be kept frozen.

Likewise, please refrigerate all fresh baked goods made from DeLuca Dog and Friends™ Spoon & Bake Dough for dogs.

If baking large batches of treats, not intended to use right away, they can be frozen.

NET WT: 3 LB (48 OZ) 1.36kg

Available in a 3 lbs tub -- makes 96 -- 1/2 ounce treats for medium to large dogs
and 192 1/4 ounce treats for small dogs.

This product is only intended for dog treats. Not recommended to be fed as a meal or meal replacement

The Smucci Matisse ("Muttisse") Bed

The Smucci "Muttisse" Pet Bed features a hand painted design inspired by Henri Matisse's "Woman Sleeping on a Corner of the Table in 1939." The woman in the painting (and on the bed) appears as if she has fallen asleep suddenly, perhaps during the middle of her day. There is a slight smile on her face which suggests she did not fall asleep from exhaustion or stress, but rather intended to merely take a "cat nap."

Artist Debi Kahn says, "My intention was to create a bed which literally surrounds pets with one big, beautiful, and very colorful hug as they sleep without fear of any kind."

The Smucci "Muttisse" Bed is handcrafted in Michigan with a solid wood base and rounded plywood walls which have been plastered to a smooth finish. A representation of Matisse's masterpiece is hand painted onto the walls of the bed, and then sealed with a finish coat of acrylic. A black and white faux mink cushion is included.

Grand Matisse (24" dia) $639.00
Demi Matisse (18" dia) $579.00
Petite Matisse (14" dia) $569.00

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