Perfect Arizona Weather

"A blast" is how James Patton described his time with wife Kathleen in the Sonoran Desert at the Four Seasons Resort.

The winners of Where in Primetime Is Dave Price? dragged The Early Show's Dave Price to Scottsdale, Ariz., where they chose to do the weather.

"To those of you in management, I cannot continue to work like this in these difficult circumstances," Price jokingly pleaded. "Place after place, locations that bring great deal of hardship to me and the crew that I work with."

Price was sporting a white robe and a cowboy hat as he reported what the Pattons were experiencing. James Patton was getting a back massage with golf balls. Kathleen Patton, beside him, was getting an arm massage.

"I'm only here because I have to be," Price said. "I'm getting some sort of lovely foot massage. And of course they could have chosen anywhere in the country to go and the Pattons have chosen to come to Scottsdale."

"First time out here," said James Patton. And according to Kathleen Patton, it turned out to be a "wonderful" choice.

They spent their weekend enjoying horseback riding, golf, good food and "a little bit of wine along the way," Kathleen Patton said.

Among the attractions are desert mountains and 300-year-old cacti. "It is spectacular with the sun coming up," noted Kathleen. Her husband added, "You wake up to it every morning and envy the people living here."

The temperature, this March 21 is 75 degrees. "It is a beautiful day here," James Patton reported. "The sun coming up over the mountains back there. And it's just going to be another beautiful Scottsdale day."

Since they are from Westwood, Mass., Kathleen offered a quick check of Boston's weather: "I understand it's going to be cold, yet again," she said, "but no snow today perhaps."

The Where in Primetime Is Dave Price? winners enjoyed on camera a breakfast brought to them by Executive Chef Simon Purvis.

Asked if they plan to participate in the Primetime Challenge next year and try to win again, Kathleen Patton answered, "You betcha!"