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Pa. cops find arsenal of weapons stashed in empty home

LIGONIER, Pa. -- Police made a startling discovery in a vacant home in the borough of Ligonier, which is 60 miles east of Pittsburgh.

When Ligonier Borough Police reported to a local home they were looking for vandals. They found some kids there, but they also found a lot more, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

According to the station, "The kids told us right up front that they had three guns and they had a little place that they called a fort, like their little hideaway in the woods," said Ligonier Police Chief John Berger, "and they also had told me that up on the second floor that there was a large amount of guns up there of all shapes and sizes."

Inside the vacant and decrepit home, authorities found an incredible collection of firearms, reports the station.

"It was like it was never ending, there were so many guns. We know that the owner is in a local hospital right now. I have not been able to speak with him yet," said Chief Berger, "Why he has those guns... cause to the best of our knowledge, he has not lived there in several years."

According to the chief, some of the kids were actually pointing what they thought were empty guns at each other and pulling the trigger. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

"Yes, lots of ammo, for most of the guns," Chief Berger said. "I'm just so grateful because of... unfortunately society today, they're going to sell anything they can sell for their drugs and we don't need those out on the street."