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Penn State suspends fraternity during sexual assault investigation

Penn State University has suspended a fraternity while campus police investigate a third-party report of an alleged sexual assault, the school said Wednesday. Officials said the university's office of student conduct placed the Phi Sigma Delta Sigma chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity "on interim suspension," according to a statement.

During the suspension, the school said the fraternity "loses all privileges," including member recruitment, hosting social events and taking part in university events.

The news comes a day after the university released a warning to the campus community about an alleged sexual assault earlier this month on a student by four fraternity brothers from Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Police didn't immediately elaborate on the alleged incident, but the national fraternity's media spokesperson issued a statement Tuesday saying they are fully cooperating with local authorities.

"Obviously, the alleged incident is absolutely antithetical to our fraternity's ideals and values," Jon Pierce said. "We will provide more comment upon the conclusion of the investigations."

These headlines come as officials in the state announced January 16 that nearly $1 million in grants have been awarded to prevent and respond to sexual assault at 36 colleges and universities, according to The Associated Press. Under the "It's on Us" initiative, the funds will help train campus communities, increase public awareness and provide services to victims.

Penn State has a website outlining resources for victims of sexual assault and tips for staying safe on campus.

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