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Pelosi: Congress 'may' Have To Return For Second Stimulus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Congress may have to return later this year to take up another economic stimulus package.

“We may have to go back into session before the next Congress," Pelosi said during a visit to Denver, according to The Denver Post.

Pelosi and other congressional Democrats have renewed their call for a second stimulus in recent days as the economy continues to falter.

"We have some very harsh decisions to make and some of them can't wait until January," said Pelosi.

"What we can't wait for is a stimulus package."

Pelosi has been pushing hard for a $61 billion second stimulus package that includes an extension of unemployment benefits, spending for infrastructure projects and other domestic initiatives.

The House passed the stimulus before leaving last week. However the measure died in the Senate and would have faced a sure veto from President Bush.


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