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Pedestrians hit by car near LGBTQ fest in L.A.

WEST HOLLYWOOD -- Authorities say "several" pedestrians were mowed down by a car in West Hollywood near the LGBTQ festival Sunday night, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Officials say they don't believe the driver targeted the pedestrians.

It was unclear if alcohol was involved.

The Sheriff's Department said three people were transported to a hospital. All were expected to be OK.

The driver was taken into custody.

It was the first arrest related to the festival all weekend, authorities say.

A passenger in the car told CBS Los Angeles, "We were exiting the parking lot and he [the driver] basically hit a pedestrian. He just lost control. It just happened very fast," she said. "Everybody was just listening to music. Everything was happening very fast."

The passenger said, "The driver…everybody was doing a little drinking."

If his drinking was a possible factor, she said, "It could [have been]."

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