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Paul To Air First New Hampshire Ads

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, digging into the $5 million he raised in the third quarter, is set to launch a series of ads in New Hampshire on Monday.

Though the campaign isn't releasing the first ad until Monday, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton described it to CBS News: "We set up some man on the street interviews with New Hampshire citizens, and we film them talking about Ron and why they like him, why he's appealing," he said. (Check out our interview with Paul today.)

"It's just very positive, trying to introduce Dr. Paul to the citizens of New Hampshire," he added. "We think we're running pretty strong in New Hampshire but name recognition continues to be one of the big obstacles we have to tackle."

Paul, a libertarian-leaning Texan, is polling at seven percent in the state, according to a poll released yesterday by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College, behind Mitt Romney at 32 percent, Rudy Giuliani at 22 percent, and Sen. John McCain at 15 percent.

The first spot will be followed by "some commercials with Ron himself talking about his positions," says Benton. As the New York Times notes, the campaign has purchased airtime for six weeks for its five new commercials, at a cost of $1.1 million.