Party On, France

When the French throw a street party it's a whopper, reports CBS News Correspondent Tom Fenton.

The latest one is the biggest party since the liberation of Paris in 1944, and it has been going on since last night, when the French beat the seemingly unbeatable Brazilians to win the world cup.

The French were hanging from the lampposts and dancing in the streets.

A million and a half deliriously happy fans flooded into the Champs D'Elysee and partied until dawn. And from the look of things Monday, many of them have still not gone to bed.

It has been years since the French have had anything to really crow about. Recently, the national mood has been downright pessimistic because of high unemployment and a host of other economic problems. However, in the world cup, France seems to have found an instant cure for the blues.

That cure is the team that the French call Les Bleu. The team is typical of the rainbow coalition that France has become with representatives of the country s African, Arab, and Caribbean population.

One of the striking things about this huge party is how good-natured it all is.

The party is not over. Tuesday there will be more dancing in the streets, for Bastille Day. This year has turned out to be a vintage year for the French.

Reported by Tom Fenton
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