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Paris Jackson gets NFL cheerleading offer

Paris Jackson is only in high school, but the 14-year-old has just gotten a job offer -- to be a cheerleader for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles cheer director Barbara Zaun told TMZ she's seen footage of Jackson cheering on her school's squad and was impressed.

"We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader!" Zaun told the website.

"We thought that she had a lot of poise, confidence, and enthusiasm in her cheer performance," she continued, adding, "Paris has that 'wow factor' that makes a great cheerleader."

But if Jackson wants to cheer for the Eagles, she'll have to wait a few years -- in order to be an NFL cheerleader, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma, according to TMZ.

Her older brother, Prince Michael Jackson, made headlines last month when he appeared as a corespondent for "Entertainment Tonight." He's also set to make his acting debut on the series finale of the CW series "90210."

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