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Palin Takes Inquisitive Approach To Attacks On Obama

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(GREEN BAY, WISC.) - At a rally with John McCain in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sarah Palin took a new approach to condemning Barack Obama. She delivered her attacks in question form.

"He likes to point the finger of blame, but has he ever really lifted a finger to help?" *Palin asked the crowd of a few thousand people.

(*Note: Originally, this post mistakenly noted a crowd of "a couple hundred." The crowd size at the event was actually much larger.)

"Has he ever reached out a reformer's hand to the other side of the aisle? Has he ever told his own party no so he could work well with others to get others to say yes? When it comes to reform, has he ever once said. 'We did,' instead of, 'I will?'"

Palin accused Obama of wanting to raise taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars.

"To grow our economy, to bring new jobs to Iowa and to save the jobs that you have today, John McCain and I will bring tax relief to hard-working tax payers and small businesses all across America," Palin said.

Though the crowd loved her promise to cut taxes, they were less enthused at the beginning of Palin's speech when the Alaska governor committed the time-honored gaffe of any rock star or politician who's touring the country.

"Thank you so much Iowa. It is so good to be here in Grand Rapids!" she said.

Palin held a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday.

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