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Palin Promises Not To Take Away Man's Bulldozer

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(POLK CITY, FLA.) - Stump speeches can get repetitive for Sarah Palin, as she tours her way across Florida's I-4 Corridor, reading the same lines off of her teleprompter at each event. So at an airport rally here, she took a couple of moments to go briefly off script as she looked out onto the crowd of about 2,700 people.

"Look at this sign, too: 'They can't have my religion, my gun, or my bulldozer,'" Palin said, as she pointed out into the crowd. "So says 'Jay the Contractor.' Jay, we won't take your bulldozer."

A few minutes before Palin vowed not to take away Jay's bulldozer, she noticed another sign in the crowd.

"I see your poster over there—God bless you, she's 103 years old-- he's 103," Palin said. "Sir, we are going to be working for you and we thank you for growing this country. We honor you."

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