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Palin Calls For Contributions To Hurricane Ike Victims

Says Americans "Stand Shoulder To Shoulder" With Storm Victims

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) In her final rally before departing her native Alaska to rejoin the campaign trail, Sarah Palin called for Americans to reach out to victims of Hurricane Ike.

"Today and in the days ahead the American heart is going to be on display," she said. "That's what happens in times of tragedy and in times of crisis like we're seeing again on the Texas coast. It's a time when America's best rise to the top, and our heart is displayed. America is going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the victims of Hurricane Ike's fury."

Palin said that the campaign's web site, would offer information on how to contribute to hurricane relief.

"As we've seen in other disasters, crisis on this scale can bring out the best in our country," Palin said. "They show the heart of good America in times like this and today once again it is time for Americans to pull together and to help where the need is greatest so I thank you for offering to help."

Palin said that campaigning with John McCain was a "great and humbling privilege" and seemed excited to hit the trail again with her snowmachine champion husband Todd.

"I wonder what will be tougher for Todd—the Iron Dog or the campaign trail," Palin said. "I've got a feeling it's the Iron Dog."

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