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Palace reportedly worried about sex scene in Lifetime movie "Harry & Meghan"

A new report claims that the British royal family is concerned about the upcoming Lifetime made-for-TV movie "Harry & Meghan" because of a sex scene. The teasers for the film include a scene during which actors who play Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embrace in bed together. 

Vanity Fair reports that director Menhaj Huda heard through the grapevine that Buckingham Palace is worried. 

"What I've heard is that they're seriously worried about the sex scene," Huda told Vanity Fair. Huda said his wife's best friend is dating the press secretary for Buckingham Palace, and that's how he heard. 

Producer Merideth Finn said during a panel discussion in Beverly Hills, "Let them worry. People have sex." The film stars Parisa Fitz-Henley as as Markle and Murray Fraser as Harry. Fitz-Henley shared a photo of the two of them in bed from the set. Harry and Markle currently live together, but Harry's press secretary says the couple will spend the night before the wedding apart. They will spend their first night as a married couple in Windsor Castle.

Scarlett Lacey, who is a co-screenwriter and the daughter of Robert Lacey, the historical adviser on Netflix's "The Crow," said during the panel discussion that the palace is "definitely aware of the film." 

On Friday, the palace revealed new details about the upcoming wedding plans. In a statement, it said Markle's divorced parents will meet with Queen Elizabeth II and other royals before her May 19 wedding to Prince Harry and will each have special roles in their daughter's wedding. At the wedding ceremony, the royal couple also plan to honor the memory of the late Princess Diana, Harry's mother, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997.

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