paidContent - Yahoo Insiders Take $2,159 Out For Every $1 They Spend On Stock

This story was written by Staci D. Kramer.
His interest piqued by Rafat’s post about Hilary Schneider’s $1 million-plus sale of Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) stock, activist investor Eric Jackson took a closer look at sales by company insiders. The resulting chart covering Yahoo insider purchases, sales and compensation for the past two years is embedded below. One finding by Jackson, managing member of Ironfire Capital LLC: for every $1 most Yahoo insiders spent on stock, they made $2,159 in sales and compensation. Put another way, excluding Carl Icahn, whose hedge fund purchases account for most of the $67 million in insider stock purchases, and departing exec Michael Murray, Yahoo insiders sold stock totaling $233 million—and bought $103,700 worth.

Yahoo! (YHOO) Executive & Director Insider Stock Purchases and Stock Sales in the Last 2 Years


By Staci D. Kramer