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paidContent - The Subway/Tube App: Why Aren't Media Companies Thinking of This?

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
I posted this earlier today on Moco/PCUK, about a new Subway/Tube augmented reality app, and then had a thought about it with respect to media companies: why didn’t the New York Times in NY or our parent Guardian in UK think of this very simple but incredibly useful app? Why shouldn’t they have guerrilla dev teams on the hunt for the next new tech turn, or innovation, build useful applications around it, and then layer on their main franchise—news, info and analysis—on top of it as an optional add on? The thinking has to start from ground up and then maybe add the main news franchise on top of it if useful, not the other way around. That’s where they’re tripping themselves up. Setting up an R&D dept or lab may sound well and good, but nothing of real value has come of them till now. If they have, educate me.

By Rafat Ali

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