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paidContent - ODing on Gadgets: Engadget and Gizmodo Founders Launch Social Net Gdgt

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Update: And lo behold: with 30 minutes of launching, the fanboys brought down the site. It is unreachable as of 11:30 AM PST. Delicious irony here.

The founders of two of the biggest and most well known gadget sites Engadget and Gizmodo have finally launched their gadget site, appropriately titled Gdgt, after announcing it a year or so ago. The site was founded by Peter Rojas (pictured, founder/editor of Gizmodo, co-founder/editor of Engadget)  and Ryan Block (editor of Engadget), and is a social community site for gadget lovers/geeks where users can discuss everything they do in the comments section of the gadget news sites anyway, only a lot more organized. What it isn’t is a news site, but will use links to news about gadgets as a jumping point for discussions, a big departure for the founders who thrived on reviewing and breaking in this sector before. It has all the latest social tools you would expect a geeky site like this to have. Users can create profiles and a list of gadgets they had, have or want to have. Each gadget has detailed specs and discussions off those specs. The specs is where the data comes in, and that, including the interlinks between data is where the power of the site may lie eventually.

The company has raised some funding, but the founders won’t disclose it yet; TC says it has raised about half million from True Ventures and Betaworks, plus a number of angel investors, including their former boss (and mine too) Mahalos Jason Calacanis.

There are a bunch of gadget and electronics buying guide sites including from, CNET, Retrevo and other gadget-specific fan sites (like to Apple and Blackberry users), but Gdgt is purely aimed at the geeks and fanboys, with the hope that the audience is big enough to develop a revenue stream around, though referral fees and advertising. It also plans to develop a secondary marketplace for gadgets down the line, reports NYT. With some amount of humility, Block tells NYT: We view this as the final act…Gizmodo was the prototype. Engadget extended the idea. This could possibly be the last great gadget site. Some more about the site’s philosophy in intro notes on the site from Rojas and Block.

So, what is gdgt? from gdgt on Vimeo.

Don’t worry, we’ve got Veronica Belmont to tell you what’s up.

By Rafat Ali

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