Pa. woman fights big parking fine, arrest threat, from place she says she's never been

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This is the notice that Whitaker, Pa. woman Kimberly Michaels says she got informing her of a $171.50 overdue parking fine, and a warrant for her arrest, from a place she claims she's never been.
CBS Pittsburgh
(CBS) PITTSBURGH - Never been there, never done that. That's what a woman in Whitaker, Pa. in the far western part of the state has to say in response to a traffic ticket - and arrest warrant - that she received from authorities nearly 300 miles away in Allentown, Pa.

Kimberly Michaels told CBS Pittsburgh she's trying to figure why she was threatened with an arrest and got a $171.50 overdue parking fine from a place she's never set foot in.

The station says the message was delivered to the door of her former home in North Braddock in the form of a business card by a local constable, and that Michaels' former landlord passed it along to her.

The card warned that she should contact the constable immediately, because an arrest could be made at her home, on the street, or where she worked.

Michaels told CBS Pittsburgh, "I work every day trying to take care of my family, and now I have to hand money over to people I don't even know. I never even was there."

She says somebody is making a big mistake.

CBS Pittsburgh says it contacted Allentown's Mayor, Ed Pawlowski, who in a statement said he said he asked the head of the Allentown Parking Authority to investigate, and that if there's been a mistake, it will be corrected immediately.

Can Kimberly Michaels fight city hall - and win - from 300 miles away?