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Pa. restaurant banning kids under 6

Families with children under six who live in Monroeville, Pa. will soon have one less option when they dine out for family night.

Mike Vuick, owner of McDain's Restaurant Golf Center, near Pittsburgh, says he's had too many complaints from customers about crying babies. So he's no longer allowing young children. The policy will take effect July 16.

"There is such a pent-up disgust and frustration with this issue, in terms of people who have had meals disturbed, and no one has taken the forefront on this issue," he explains.

Vuick points out there's "nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can't control their volume." He adds that all that screaming and crying disturbs many of his customers.

What do customers think about this?

Some said they support Vuick's right to set rules he thinks are best for his business. But others said they're offended by the policy.

Vuick said children might be the center of their parents' universe, as they should be, but they're not the center of everyone else's universe, too."

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