Outtakes from the Larry David interview

Larry David on therapy, nightmares, money, flunking out of Hebrew school and more

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Charlie Rose and Larry David. Now that's a matchup.

The correspondent interviewed the comedian on 60 Minutes this week, and 60 Minutes Overtime brings you the best outtakes from their interviews. In the video player above, watch Charlie Rose try to get an answer to the impossible question: "Who is Larry David?" Is he the guy you see on TV? Or is that just an act?

In the next outtake, Larry David admits that he tried therapy, but he "couldn't stand" the exploration of self with a therapist.

"I think it just exacerbates everything because then you just become more focused on yourself. Here you are, you're talking about yourself for 50 minutes in some session. You're crying, you're filled with self-pity and self-loathing-- I mean, it's just a horrible situation," says David. "You know what does good? Money and a girlfriend."

"Money and a girlfriend" work better than the... 01:03

Charlie Rose accompanied the comedian to his childhood home in Brooklyn in the next outtake. It was there that David admitted he was expelled from Hebrew school as a kid:

CHARLIE ROSE: Did you have attention deficit disorder?

LARRY DAVID: Yes. Thinking back, I'm sure I did.

On a visit to his childhood home in Brooklyn,... 01:06

At one point during his interview, Larry David shared a nightmare about performing stand-up comedy under pressure. Extreme pressure.

"I once had this dream there was a war going ... 01:17

In the story that aired on 60 Minutes this week, Larry David says his mother hoped he would become a mailman. What did David's mother think of his success in show business? The comedian tells Charlie Rose: "She never was completely secure in the fact that I was able to do this."

Charlie Rose asks comedian Larry David what h... 00:51

David was less forthcoming when Rose asked about his personal fortune. At first, he called it unseemly to talk money. When Rose pressed further, David said that his ex-wife took half his money in his divorce. Then Rose threw out a number, and David told him to "mind your own g--damn business."

When Charlie Rose asks the comedian about his... 01:41

What could be wrong with starring in your own Broadway show? Larry David complained, "It's completely Groundhog Day. Every day is the same. My schedule every day is exactly the same!"

A moment later, David acknowledged that it's unseemly to complain: "I really try to keep my complaints to just friends and not on national television."

"It's completely Groundhog Day," says Larry D... 01:21

Editor's Note: This segment was originally published on March 1, 2015, as Larry David debuted in his Broadway show "Fish in the Dark." On June 9, David will be replaced by his Seinfeldian alter ego, George Costanza, also known as Jason Alexander.