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Outsource Small Jobs: Hire a Vendor for Five Bucks

This one falls somewhere in between clever and banana-peel-crash-helmet insane.

Outsourcing is a great way to get certain kinds of jobs done -- tasks that are too trivial to waste expensive salaried talent on, or projects that require special expertise you don't have in-house. But is there anything you need done for five bucks? If so, I have the site for you.

Fiverr is an e-commerce site in which vendors pitch their talent for $5. Every contract that's made via Fiverr must cost $5. Period.

The idea is novel, and the site is actually kind of fun. It only took me a few minutes to find voice talent to read a 3--second script, a graphic designer to render a graphic for a Web site, and someone willing to perform a resume makeover.

The site lets you browse by category or search, and you can also follow the site on Facebook and Twitter. It's goofy in a good way, and worth exploring, even if you don't want someone to write your company name on their bicep or write and perform a song about a topic of your choice.