Our 'Eye On' Local News

Eye On Local News
All news is local.

That's why CBS News Up To The Minute is committed to telling you what's happening in the cities and smaller towns right here at home, as well as all the news from around the world.

With its new "Eye On…" segment, CBS News Up To The Minute will tell the stories that are not being told on any other network broadcast, straight from the CBS News affiliates and journalists who are covering them.

Each week, UTTM will have its "Eye On" one CBS News affiliate in the United States. Viewers can find out what's making news in that area and how it might affect them where they live. They can follow a story as it changes throughout the week, see highlights of the local sports team and find out the local weather forecast.

Once an affiliate is chosen to be the "Eye On…" city of the week, UTTM staff will work with you and your assignment desk to put your coverage on a national stage. Participation can be as easy as feeding a package, or as involved as a two-way with your live reporter or anchor team. We'll handle the satellite booking.

We'll also feature your city on the "Eye On…" page, which will be linked to ours on Your station's logo and links to your website can help drive viewers who want to know more right to your site.

CBS News Up to The Minute's "Eye On…" segment can be a great way to share your news coverage with the rest of the nation, highlight your talent, and reach viewers who may be visiting or relocating to your market before they arrive.

If you have questions, or would like to participate, please contact Senior Producer Bob Bicknell at 212-975-2526.