Oswald Bros.: "Singing Family" Finalists

Dave Price ducked behind cars in the driveway as he approached the front door of the Oswald home in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, Ga.

The Early Show features reporter and weather anchor was about to tell the Oswald Brothers they'd been chosen as one of six finalists to compete on show for a contract with CBS Records.

"I'm sure we are going to shock these people," Price kidded, "because I'm sure they had no idea, with a huge satellite truck, parked just 30 feet from their home. I'm sure they thought we were here just covering a political story!"

Price knocked on the door, and announced, "You are coming to New York City, on CBS, for the 'Singing Family Face Off." '

With that, the brothers cheered, hugged, and high-fived each other repeatedly.

"It's amazing," said Zach Oswald, 17, who's the lead singer, does most of the writing and plays guitar. "I can't believe we actually made it!"

Jacob Oswald, 15, plays lead guitar, and Nick Oswald, 15, rounds out the group, on drums.

The Oswald Brothers Band was born roughly two years ago when their father, David, signed them up for a battle of the bands at their church. The competition was to take place later that day. The newly-formed group, all of whose members could read music, learned nine songs in just three hours and took second place in the competition.

The Oswald Brothers typically perform for worship services at churches. They consider the song they submitted for the "Singing Family Face Off" a crossover. They hope it will appeal to their Christian base as well as a secular audience.

All three brothers are home-schooled, share the same room, and spend much of their time writing and rehearsing their music.

Jacob says he wouldn't mind becoming the next Jonas Brothers!

"Everything we do, we're together," Jacob says. "We do our schoolwork all in the same room, sleep in the same room, and do everything together."

"We all have the same passion for our music," Nick observes, "and we all want to do the same things, and (we all have) have this drive to play music and go out and play for people and get people into our music."

"It'd be cool to be in a regular band without my brothers," Nick notes, "but then, it's even cooler, 'cause it's my brothers!."

Adds Jacob, "Our parents have always been there for us, have really pushed us and helped us."

Pam Oswald, their mother, admits, "The house is never quiet. There is always a beat going on of something, but I don't know that I'd want it any other way. ... Both of our (hers and David's) dads played beautiful piano, and we just insisted that the kids have piano lessons as soon as they cud read, they were taking piano. And then it just kind of changed into other instruments as they got older."

"I think," David chimed, in, "you can expect them to win (the "face off")! And do their best."

"We're like one person, which is really good in a band," Jacob points out. "You want all the instruments to come together as one."

The Early Show searched for months, going through hundreds of videos submitted by family bands, then narrowed the field to six finalists.

Each weekday morning from Feb. 16 through Feb. 23, Price will be surprising the six family finalists with the big news, live on The Early Show.

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the competition begins with live performances in The Early Show studio. Vote for your favorite online each week! The winning family will be announced April 1.

At stake: a deal with CBS Records!