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Osbournes Ready To Rock On

The Ozzy Osbourne clan could return to MTV as early as November with the second season of their hit reality show.

"The Osbournes" chronicles the lives of the heavy metal legend, his feisty wife, Sharon, and two of their teenage children — daughter Kelly, and son Jack.

MTV President Brian Graden says "all systems are go" for the show. However, the network may still decide to postpone the show, possibly to January, MTV spokeswoman Vanessa Reyes said.

The series became MTV's biggest hit ever last year, showcasing the offbeat antics of the family as Ozzy, a former drug abuser and self-proclaimed "Prince of (bleeping) Darkness," and his wife, who's also his longtime manager, dealt with the complexities of parenthood.

Details on the upcoming shows were not released and the debut date was not specified Tuesday.

The season is expected to feature Sharon Osbourne's battle against cancer as she undergoes chemotherapy sessions. She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer July 1, after her husband urged her to see a doctor for a long overdue checkup. Two days later, she had surgery; one of two lymph nodes that were removed tested positive for cancerous cells, indicating the disease had spread.

Meanwhile, Kelly Osbourne has tried to launch her own musical career this summer with her cover of the Madonna single "Papa Don't Preach." Jack Osbourne has made cameo appearances on TV shows including "Dawson's Creek."

The family also has taken in a teenage friend of the family, Robert Marcato, whose mother died of the same type of cancer afflicting Sharon. and MTV are both owned by Viacom Inc.