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"Orphan Black" season 3 premiere date, new teaser revealed

Rally the #CloneClub -- we now have a premiere date, and a new teaser, for the next season of "Orphan Black."

The BBC America drama about clones will return for its third season on April 18, it was announced Thursday, and the sneak peek has Sarah, Cosima, Alison and Helena (all played by Tatiana Maslany) front and center -- and ready to fight.

"This is a fight for knowledge," Cosima says, staring straight into the camera. It then cuts to Sarah, who says, "This means war."

They're not the only clones getting face time here -- there's also a glimpse of one of the male clones introduced at the end of last season. Guess this means we'll be finding out more about Project Castor...

Consider our calendars marked. You can check out the new season 3 teaser below: