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Orlando starts saying goodbye to nightclub massacre victims

Of the 53 people injured in the Orlando nightclub massacre, 19 remain in the hospital and four are in critical condition
Of the 53 people injured in the Orlando night... 02:25

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Of the 53 people injured in the Orlando nightclub massacre last weekend, 19 remain in the hospital. Four of them are in critical condition.

Funerals were held Saturday for nine of the 49 people who died.

Cory Connell went to the Pulse nightclub with his girlfriend so she could teach him how to Latin dance. He wanted to be a firefighter.

Cory Connell. Ashley Connell, AP

At Connell's service, Orange County Fire Rescue paramedic Lori Clay presented a helmet with Cory's name on it.

"Cory was the kind of guy that you want to work side by side with," Clay said.

A handful of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to disrupt the funeral for Juan Ramon Guerrero and his boyfriend, Christopher "Drew" Leinonen.

But drowning out the protesters in front of the Cathedral of St. Luke were hundreds of supporters of the LGBT community, including Judy Rettig.

"I don't understand the hate, but I embrace the love," Rettig told CBS News.

Costumed angels from a local theater company created a barrier to shield family members from the anger.

"I'm not even looking over there," one of the actors said. "Whenever one of us needs help, we all bound together."

Orlando florist In Bloom was able to get enough financial support from 48 florists in 38 states to provide arrangements for every victim's service.

"So I reached out to that group of florist friends and said, 'Would you please partner with me and have us love these people in a relevant way?'" owner Sally Kobylinski said. "And immediately, the response was, 'Yes.'"

Over 1,000 miles from the deadly terror attac... 02:14

They've provided flowers to 42 victims so far, including coordinating with businesses in Puerto Rico.

The island was home to 23 victims -- almost half of those lost in the massacre. Angel Candelario Padro was laid to rest there Saturday. His mother cried over the loss of her 28-year-old son.

At the funeral for victim Jean Mendez, two sheriff's deputies on motorcycles were hit by an impatient driver waiting for the funeral procession. Both deputies are expected to be OK.

A moment of silence will be held for victims of the shooting during the 49th minute of the Orlando City soccer game Saturday night.

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