Organize Your Collection of Customized Resumes

Last Updated Jun 3, 2010 12:18 AM EDT

Thank goodness I haven't had to update my resume in a while. Last I checked, I had a convoluted folder full of resumes and cover letters, each one identified by file name to help me figure out which company I sent it to. Admittedly, the system works -- kind of -- but it's clumsy.

What I need is a tool that organizes my variously customized resumes. The good news: I've found a free, albeit flawed (that's the bad news) program that does just that.

Resume Tracker is a free program that lets you track all the customized, personalized resumes you've sent to companies you're interested in working for. The program is open source and still in beta, but most folks should be able to use without any issue.

Think of the program as a sort of custom database which tracks the location and details about each of your resumes. You can create multiple profiles -- useful, for example, for applying for several different kinds of jobs for which you'll submit radically different resumes.

From there, you assign a master resume, and then add as many personalized variations of the resume as you like. It makes it easy to quickly find the resume you sent to IBM (or, if you're BizHacks Rick, McDonalds) and track information about the submission -- such as who you sent it to, a Web site, and more.

Unfortunately, I had some trouble using this program with Office 2010, and the design is still a little rough. But it fills a valuable need. [via Addictive Tips]