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Op-Ed Digest: Columnists Clamoring For Clinton To Concede

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With Sen. Barack Obamas delegate lead nearly insurmountable, student journalists have increased their calls for his Democratic opponent to step aside.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has never been as popular as Obama among young voters. In a recent UWIRE poll of students at Pa. colleges, Obama trounced the former first lady by 43 percent. Of 55 student newspaper editorial boards, 49 preferred the Illinois senator. But never have the calls for her to step aside been so numerous and blunt.

Some students are weary of the prolonged primary process; others think the candidates constant sniping could hurt the partys chances in the general election. Whatever the gripe, the calls are clear: Its time for Hillary Clinton to go.

Editorial: Time for Clinton to drop outSource | The Daily IowanAt this juncture, there is little she can do to persuade her party to nominate her without permanently turning away thousands of new voters flocking to the Democratic Party (thus damaging her partys chances in the general election). It is our recommendation - and one shared by many - that she concede the nomination to her Senate colleague. Read more.

Clinton runs risk of ruining Dems presidential chancesSource | The Daily BruinForget Clintons marginal victory in Indiana on Tuesday. Forget the implications it has for her campaign. Forget Obamas 14-percent win in a state with nearly twice as many delegates as Indiana. The only number worth noting: 4.2 percent. The figure is Slate magazines Hillary Deathwatch calculation of the New York senators chances at garnering the nomination. This should be the end of the story. Read more.

Column: Hillary, its time to leaveSource | The EasternerFor the same reasons that the winning team doesnt go to bat at the bottom of the ninth inning in baseball, the remaining superdelegates should all select their candidate (be it Obama or Clinton) and end this highly divisive political in-fight. Read more.

Column: Clinton needs to drop her presidential bidSource | The Rocky Mountain CollegianIt is clear from both the numbers and public opinion that Clintons campaign is dead. All she stands to gain from her continued refusal to step out is more bad press for her party. It stands to be seen how much more damage she is willing to inflict on her fellow Democrats. We can only hope she doesnt kill her partys chances. Read more.

Column: Taking one for the teamSource | The Michigan DailyYoud never have an injured kicker try to kick the game-winning field goal. Likewise, you shouldnt send a wounded candidate to compete in the general election, and all that Clinton and Obama are doing is injuring one another. Read more.

Editorial: Game, set, matchSource | The Columbia ChronicleNew York Senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton won the Indiana primary late on the night of May 6. But her margin was so slim (less than 2 percent, according to CNN) and Senator Barack Obamas (D-Ill.) victory in North Carolina so dominating (14 percent) that the long-awaited death knell of the most resilient and damaging campaign in recent memory has finally been sounded. Read more.