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Online security breach! Hackers leak social security numbers of cops in Missouri

FBI busts alleged Anonymous hackers
The FBI conducted a dozen raids in several states targeting the notorious hacking group "Anonymous." Armen Keteyian speaks with "Commander X," a member of the hacking group.

(CBS) - Hackers accessed the Missouri Sheriffs' Association website, which is hosted by Brooks-Jeffery Marketing Inc., and published more than 100 social security numbers (SSN) of state law enforcement officers.

Since SSNs have become a national identifier, identity thieves seek the information to commit fraud and gain access to bank and credit accounts, as well as other private records.

Not only were social security numbers captured, email addresses, usernames and passwords for accounts, telephone numbers and credentials were also released of more than 7,000 law enforcement officials. The Missourian says even "information on hundreds of people who made anonymous crime tips to the police, and information on inmates and arrestees" were compromised.

"AntiSec - a campaign being run by various Anonymous members in collaboration with spin-off hacker group LulzSec - claimed responsibility and said the data dump was made in retaliation for the recent arrest of 14 people accused of participating in a web attack in December that strained server capacity for PayPal," reports The Register.

"Ron Carroll, training director for the association, said his office is receiving little information about the attack," according to the Columbia Daily Tribune. "He said the FBI is investigating. Association Executive Director Michael Covington could not be reached for comment."

"Not all of the 10 GB of private law enforcement data has been released as of now, but the AntiSec website stated it's anticipating the release," the Missourian says.

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