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One-to-many sharing: Free, easy, no email required

(MoneyWatch)   If you tend to work with just a small group of co-workers and are diligent about sharing files via Dropbox or SharePoint, then you deserve to be smug and go get another donut from the break room. For everyone else, please keep reading: I have a tool you'll want to hear about.

TagMyDoc is designed for folks who often need to share a document with large groups of people. Suppose you are delivering a presentation and the audience asks for a copy of the deck. Rather than emailing the file to everyone -- and having to collect all the email addresses in the process -- use TagMyDoc. TagMyDoc is a "quick response, or QR code, that you can add to any document. Your audience members can use their phone to scan the QR code and can immediately download the complete document from a secure online location.

You can use TagMyDoc for projected content -- like a PowerPoint presentation -- or on printed documents. Just pass a single sheet around with the QR code on it, and everyone can scan it to get access to the original. TagMyDoc lets everyone stay current, as well. If you update the document and upload a revised version, the original QR code admits everyone to the improved version.

TagMyDoc is easy to use. You can even use the free Office add-on to automatically embed the QR code in your document. And the service is free. You can use a basic account to upload as many as 100 files (each one can be up to 2MB in size). You get extra features and additional storage by subscribing for $3 or $5/month.

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