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GreenCloud saves paper, toner, money and time

As we've previously reported, paper and ink costs are a significant drain on businesses. Industry publication The Recycler estimates that many companies spend as much as 3 percent of their annual revenue on printing. There are ways to reduce these costs, but it's often onerous for folks on the front lines to cut back on printing. Here's a better way: GreenCloud is a printer driver for Windows that makes it easy to dramatically reduce how much you print.

Here's how it works: When you set GreenCloud as your default printer, it displays a new print preview window each time you print. With a single click, you can choose the pages you want to print. Sure, most programs let you choose the page range to print, but most people ignore that even if they only need the first page of a print job, because it's a pain to find the control and enter the page numbers you need. With GreenCloud, just click on the pages to cut from the job.

And that's not all. GreenCloud also includes an "n-up" control to print two or four pages on a single sheet -- again, more easily than you would normally be able to do this. And while every program you own does these things differently, choosing the pages you want to print and how many pages per sheet is absolutely standardized when using GreenCloud.

What if you need to preserve the pages you're printing, but you technically don't need to print them on dead trees? GreenCloud lets you print the pages to a PDF, send it via email, or even upload it to Dropbox or Google Docs.

GreenCloud doesn't really deliver anything you couldn't do, with effort, already. But the program brings together so many options in a convenient form that you'd have to truly hate money and loathe trees not to see immediate benefits with GreenCloud.

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