Old Time Radio Links

If you're interested in finding out more about the golden age of radio, there is plenty of information on the Web. We've gathered some of the best sites below:

Old Time Radio: This comprehensive Web site devoted to classic radio programming covers every facet of radio from the invention itself to the personalities who made it a success.

Bellingham Radio Museum: Bringing you the classic sounds of old radio, this site provides an array of facts, sound clips, and commercials from radio's beginnings.

The Radio Era Archives: An international Web site dedicated to the preservation of information on the radio era. Provides in-depth coverage of radio's inception.

The Radio Spirits Page: This Web site presents a lighter look at radio history. A multitude of sound bytes, photos, and listings can be found here.

Retro Radio: A wonderful source for information and collectibles, Retro Radio provides an in-depth look back at the era in which it all started.