Old Man Winter bearing down on Northeast again

The Northeast was bracing for another round of winter weather Tuesday, a day after parts of New England saw blizzard conditions.

The new storm was forecast to dump snow and rain in a swath from Washington, D.C. to Maine.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, which was pounded by more than 100 inches of snow last year, winter has come roaring back after a quiet start, reports CBS News correspondent Don Dahler.

The latest storm was churning in the Atlantic and never got closer than 400 miles from the coast, but its impact was being felt Tuesday.

Massive waves, blistering winds and piling snow created a dangerous mix that pummeled coastal communities across the Northeast on Monday. At least 1,700 homes and businesses lost power in the second blast of winter to hit the area in less than a week.

Gusts hit 65 moh on the Massachusetts coast, whipping up waves nearly 26 feet high and pounding seaside homes.

Streets flooded in parts of Nantucket and Scituate, where some people chose to leave rather than risk riding out the rising waters.

"You've got to respect the water and be safe," said Lisa Caise. "You've got to know when to leave."

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told a news conference, "I didn't realize until I went out back ... how bad the waves are over the wall. They're actually hitting the back of the house. ... But the water (is) coming out through the boards through the windows. "

At least 6 areas of southeastern New England saw blizzard conditions, with close to 10 inches of snow falling in just hours.

The weather stretched to the Jersey shore, where cars slogged through flooded roads.

In Connecticut, a charter bus flipped when it crashed on a snowy Interstate 95. At least 30 people were hurt.

The violent storm led to spinouts and accidents across the Northeast.

Dozens of schools in the area were to open late Tuesday.