'Oil of Olay Bandit' surrenders near Dallas, report says

Efrain Hardman is suspected of stealing $40,000 in Oil of Olay products in robberies from Texas grocery chain
Coppell, Texas police
(CBS) COPPELL, Texas - An alleged thief dubbed the "Oil of Olay bandit" has turned himself in to police in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, NBCDFW reported.

Police said 27-year-old Efrain Hardman surrendered at about noon Wednesday to police in Coppell, Texas. Authorities believe he's stolen more than $40,000 worth of Olay products.

According to CBSDFW, authorities had previously said Hardman's alleged m.o. is the same each time: He pulls up to the front of a Tom Thumb grocery store, fills a shopping handbasket with Oil of Olay, and then just walks out the door without paying.

From there, Hardman gets into his own car or the vehicle of a waiting accomplice, and drives off, police said.

But now that the 'oil of olay' suspect has reportedly surrendered, the whole complexion of the case has changed.

I wish you thought of that.