Ohio House speaker gets Twitter hacked

William G. Batchelder, Speaker of the Ohio House http://www.house.state.oh.us

Anthony Weiner isn't the only lawmaker who faced a Twitter problem this week.

On Monday, Tweets started appearing on the feed of William G. Batchelder, the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House, attacking Republican Gov. John Kasich and backing former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland as well as liberal groups and causes, as the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Alerted to the Tweets, the House Republican caucus communications director and legal counsel got the account shut down and the Tweets removed.

Case closed? Not quite. Batchelder, who is 68, was asked about the incident. As the Dispatch notes, Batchelder, who "has referred to the laptops on members' desks as 'little televisions' and is admittedly technologically 'inept,'" said he didn't even know he had a Twitter account.

"Well, I won't do any more of this ... Twittering?" he said, according to the newspaper. "We'll avoid that at all cost. I didn't know I had such a device."

Mike Dittoe, communications director for the House Republican caucus, nonetheless said Batchelder will likely be back on Twitter soon.