Oh, deer: W. Pa. school intruder has officials reviewing security measures

A white-tailed deer keeps its ears open while grazing in a South Hero, Vt. field Tuesday, May 30, 2006. ( AP Photo/ Rob Swanson)
A deer, with features much like this one, broke through a door at a western Pennsylvania high school, prompting another look at security measures.
AP Photo/Rob Swanson
(CBS/AP) APOLLO, Pa. - School security concerns just might be at an all-time high, and in one western Pennsylvania district they're responding to an unanticipated intruder.

On June 5, a deer penetrated the defenses of Apollo-Ridge High School.

Superintendent Matt Curci tells the (Tarentum) Valley News Dispatch that the deer ran "full speed" into the school's magnetically closed lobby door, which caused it to open.

He said the deer had to hit the door "in the right spot with a lot of force" to make that happen, but says the "break-in" has given officials cause to re-think what else could force open the door.

Nobody was hurt when the deer got into the school, where classes were in session.

In this instance, a Kiski Township officer patrolling the building was able to guide the startled animal out another door.

Never to be seen again?