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Of Jacko And 'Jesus Juice'

Maureen Orth, special correspondent for Vanity Fair, has been reporting on Michael Jackson since sexual-abuse charges first surfaced about him in 1993.

In her latest article, due out in the March edition of Vanity Fair, she reveals, for the first time, startling details about the 13-year-old boy who was allegedly molested, his family, his relationship with Jackson, and the alleged harassment experienced at the hands of Jackson's associates.

On The Early Show, she told co-anchor Harry Smith that Jackson "calls white wine 'Jesus juice' and red wine 'Jesus blood'" and that he drinks the beverages out of soda cans.

He is seen with soda cans often but Orth says, "I don't know how often the real stuff is in it versus the wine, but that's the way he does it because he wants everybody to think he's Peter Pan."

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Whom does he give it to?

"In the latest allegations of this 13-year-old cancer boy, he and his brother were both alleged to have been given wine by Jackson, also showed pornography -- naked girls on the Internet -- and given antihistamine," Orth says. "The sister supposedly given sleeping pills…because, as Michael told the boys, girls are tattletales."

In the article, Orth also writes that Jackson seems to have a serious drug problem.

"You recall in 1993, he had to be taken to London to go through detox," she explains. "Elizabeth Taylor was summoned to Mexico, where he was because one of his managers got a phone call saying, 'You better come down here; either he's going to get killed by an overdose or fly out of a window because he thinks he can fly.' Since then, I talked to several people on the record who told me they paid for doctors both in Germany and in Korea to try to detox him from Demerol and morphine."

She adds that one of Jackson's advisers told her "on the record, on one trip in 1999, by the end of the flight, he was flat-out on the floor. They had to get him up and stagger him off the plane."

One of the other things that seemed to be most disturbing is the description of the bedroom situation at Neverland Ranch.

Says Orth, "So often when Michael's camp comes on and says, 'Oh, my goodness, that Neverland is a fabulous place and people come and go, what could be going on there with all the staff?' It's easier to get into Fort Knox than Michael Jackson's bedroom. He has an alarm so if you're within 10 feet of the hallway that leads to the sitting room that leads to the bedroom, this huge alarm goes off that you can hear even in the shower."

She adds that he has monitors all over the place; everything in Neverland is under surveillance.

"There is a special cedar closet in the bedroom closet," she reports. "If there is a security breach, if something happens, there is a special code they trigger, and they say, 'Michael, go to your room.' Then five steel plates come down between the two closets, and he's locked in there until they come get him out."

And because this place is so secure from the get-go, this is clearly not security meant to protect him from an intruder.

"No," Orth says, "because he's got, like, concrete beams every 17 feet all over the ground with electronic eyes. It's absolutely not. It's just the privacy. And, also, when he travels around the world, he has this elaborate security set up for his suites in hotels. People who travel with him told me he often has little boys in the room with him."

In her article, Orth refers back to the original molestation case and says there are many similarities between that one and this one.

"It's striking how the pattern emerges," she tells Smith. "Both boys are 13 years old. They physically resemble one another. ... They come from weak families, the parents are fighting. And when they're at Neverland, the mother is put off to one side. Only the little boys get to stay with Michael."

She says it is also alleged that he kept underwear from both boys in a special drawer.

The life of the family that is bringing the new allegations, Orth reports, "has been made a shambles, as was the life of the first victim. There is tactics of intimidation going on all the time. People say, 'Why is the Nation of Islam there protecting Michael?' Well, actually, they had gang members from South Central the first time around. And it's really to intimidate the Neverland employees and anybody from kind of coming forward."

In 20 seconds, how would Orth describe Michael Jackson?

Her reply: "I would describe Michael Jackson as a deeply, deeply troubled and twisted individual who has been catered to so much all of his life, he really doesn't think that he has to adhere to the rules that the rest of us do."

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