Oddly effective snow removal technique for the roof

(CBS News) So I'm sure many of you probably have snowy roofs at the moment and aren't quite sure what to do. And while you could wait for the weather to warm up (and let Mother Nature take care of the job), you might opt to employ the odd, but effective technique in the video above.

The prime example of necessity being the mother of invention video was posted by YouTube user Thomas McArt who writes about his rather innovative tool:

Great snow removal tool for removing snow from the roof. You will want to check the frame that is attached to the blue pole. Make sure the bolts and nuts are snug after using this device. The orange plastic sheet is attached to the bottom rod, on both ends are plastic wheels, check these. The frame will bend/possibly break if used on hard/frozen snow. Remove snow soon after the storm.
So while Spring is finally around the corner, if you really just need to get rid of that snow right away, this might be a good option to add to your snow-removal arsenal.