Oddly adorable pets of five dogs, cat and duck

(CBS News) I've seen some rather odd and unlikely pet pairings in my life. Big dog, little dog? Meh. Dog and cat? Yawn. Parakeet, snake and hamsters... well, I could keep going on all day with some of the more unconventional combinations, but the "motley crew of rescues" above is definitely one of the odder and more unlikely groups. And, in particular, are made oddly adorable by the way they respond when their names are called. (Spoiler: The best is saved for last, in my opinion.)

The cute case of animal antics captured on camera was posted on YouTube by Erica Griffith who writes about her wide array of pets along with a dash of helpful advice: 

Macho - 8 Year old Toy Xolo
Rex - 11 Year old terrier something
Maya - 7-10 Year old Intermediate Xolo
Dave - 3 Year old standard size Xolo
Bella - 1.5 Year old Harlequin Great Dane
George - 1 Year old female Moscovy Duck
Twiggy - 5 year old Cat
If you are thinking about adding a pet (or another pet) to your family, please look into adoption from either a shelter or a reputable rescue group. You can find lots of animals and rescue groups that will fit exactly what you're looking for at petfinder.com That's what I did :)

The quirky combination kind of hooks you in, but when you realize each one actually comes when called (particularly George!)... well, it's kind of an adorably odd overload. Thanks so much for sharing the candid moment with the Internet and all of us here at The Feed, Erica!