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Obama's Plan to Rebrand the USA?

The Obama administration continues to look for new ways to raise revenues without increasing taxes. One widely unreported idea is to use the power of branding to generate revenue through licensing fees. Unfortunately, the U.S. "brand" and its associated logos, marks, and tags are public domain and furthermore lack the modern "look and feel" that might appeal to potential licensees. So here, with the permission of the artist, Tom Weller, is what appears to be the government's plan to re-brand the USA:

Click here to see the rebranded USA brand name and motto »

New name for the country is shorter, punchier, and boasts a distinctive typographic treatment. The traditional star has also gotten a facelift.

The old motto was in Latin. New motto communicates the goals of the country in modern terms.

Click here to see the rebranded USA's new flag and currency design »

Old design was cluttered. New design reduces stars to one, while the stripe motif is subtly echoed by diagonal pinstripes. Old red, white, and blue colors will be shifted slightly toward a more sophisticated scheme of terra cotta, créme, and teal.

Livelier design will be printed on recycled, biodegradable paper.

Click here to see the rebranded USA'S new symbol »

Stern, aged "Uncle Sam" presented a negative image. The designers collaborated with Marvel Comics to design a younger, more vigorous character, now called simply "Sam."

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The satire above is taken from one of the two funniest books ever published "CVLTVRE MADE STVPID." It's the companion volume to "SCIENCE MADE STUPID" (which is the other of the two funniest books). Both were written and illustrated by the incomparable Tom Weller, who kindly agreed to let me republish the material above.

I'd provides some links to the books so that you could buy them but they're both long out of print -- more evidence (as if we needed it) that the book publishing world is full of idiots.

READERS: Did you notice that Weller's "rebranding" is only ever-so-slightly more absurd than the rebranding campaigns that roll out from advertising firms every week?

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