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Obama: "They're Even Trying To Make Michelle Into A Scary Person"


From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHICAGO) Barack Obama told a group of high dollar contributors last night that his critics are trying to paint him and his wife as "scary" people. One donor, Rick Fizdale, added the word, "Hussein" to his name tag in an effort to show solidarity with Obama. "The theory was, we're all Hussein" Obama explained.

"But that accurately captures, I think, the strategy. Come on. They're going to try to make me into a scary guy. They're even trying to make Michelle into a scary person. Right? And so that drumbeat of we're not sure if he's patriotic or not, we're not sure if he is too black. I don't know, before I wasn't black enough. Now he might be too black. We don't know whether he's going to socialize, who knows what?" he said as the crowd laughed.

"You laugh but this is what is being said, our challenge is to make sure that that tactic does not work," Obama added.

The Obama campaign launched a website yesterday in order to combat internet and email rumors about both of the Obamas. As of late last night, the campaign estimates that 20,000 had registered on the website.

Barack and Michelle will be campaigning together today in Columbus, Ohio, at an event focusing on senior citizens and social security. Obama, who opposes privatizing social security, is expected to jab at McCain's retirement plan.

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