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Obama Preps For Anniversary Celebration

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(PHILADELPHIA, PA.) - What does a presidential candidate buy his wife for their anniversary?

Flowers, of course.

Barack Obama made a quick stop at a local flower shop in suburban Philly today, to purchase a dozen white roses for his wife, Michelle. The pair is celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary today.

Obama is heading back to Chicago tonight to have dinner with Michelle at an upscale downtown restaurant before heading back to the campaign trail tomorrow.

During his flower shop stop, Obama was asked for reaction to the House vote on the rescue package.

"I'm glad to see we finally got this dealt with," he replied.

Obama admitted to speaking to freshman Democrats who voted "no" to the original package, and encouraging them to vote "yes" the second time around.

He said they needed assurance that the $700 billion plan was designed to ensure that the credit markets would not collapse, adding "They also I think wanted to hear from me, as potentially the next president who's going to be implementing some of these policies after January 20th."

Several House Democrats have since said that Obama helped change their mind on the plan.

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