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Obama Plans Trip To Bayh's Indiana On Saturday?

Updated: Barack Obama's campaign is neither confirming nor denying reports that the candidate has a stop planned in Indianapolis on Saturday – the day he is widely anticipated to appear with his vice presidential running mate for the first time.

The Nashville Post reported earlier that Obama's planned trip to Indianapolis included a "major event," adding that Obama operatives are being called in from around the country to attend.

CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder confirmed the visit and CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic reports that the campaign is officially not confirming or denying the plans despite other reports citing campaign officials saying it is not accurate.

CBS News previously reported that Obama plans a major rally with his newly announced running mate in Springfield, Illinois, on Saturday at the site where Obama launched his presidential campaign.

As a cautionary note, Obama's schedule has been filled with tantalizing clues to his VP selection this week. He's visited states like New Mexico (Gov. Bill Richardson) and will be in Virginia tomorrow (Gov. Tim Kaine), and Indiana remains a potential swing state regardless of who is selected.

Obama plans to announce his selection first in e-mail and text messages to supporters.

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