Obama on his debate prep: "Going great!"

In the 10 days since his first debate against Mitt Romney, President Obama has been slipping in the polls. And as Nancy Cordes reports, Mr. Obama has cleared his schedule to prepare for their second match-up.

(CBS News) A nationwide poll released Monday morning indicates that President Obama is leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by just one point -- 49 to 48 percent. The candidates will go into the second presidential debate this week at a virtual tie and the Obama campaign says the president will be more energized and engaged in this debate compared to his first debate performance.

According to CBS News' Nancy Cordes, President Obama surfaced from debate prep in Williamsburg, Virginia this weekend only briefly, to drop by his Williamsburg campaign office. He told reporters that his prep was "going great." Obama has also said that "unlike last time," he is not taking a break to attend campaign rallies or tourist attractions. After three days of focused debate prep, Obama's top aides, including David Axelrod, have promised a more passionate Obama on Tuesday. According to Romney's campaign, he is in Massachusetts and focusing his debate prep on meeting a more aggressive Obama.

Watch the video above for more from Cordes on the state of the campaign leading up to the second presidential debate, which will take place Tuesday, October 16.