Obama, Harry Smith Shoot Some Hoops

Harry Smith and President Barack Obama joke around about politics while playing basketball.
President Obama's love of basketball is well-known.

And, after a brief interview Thursday by "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith on serious matters such as extreme talk on right-wing talk shows and Iran's nuclear program, they took to the White House basketball court Thursday to mix it up a bit.

CBS Sports' lead college basketball analyst, Clark Kellogg, also took part.

At one point, Smith asked the president, who's a left-hander, whether he can also go to his right, and Mr. Obama replied, "I Can Go to My Right, but I Prefer My Left!"

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When the interview aired on "The Early Show" Friday, the broadcast's anchors chatted about the action on the court - and Smith hinted he didn't fare all that well, even offering an excuse!:

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