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Obama Goes Positive In New Olympics Spot

The Obama campaign has released a new television ad, "Three Bedroom Ranch," which the campaign says will air in all 50 states beginning Monday. Unlike recent Obama ads, this one does not target rival John McCain, instead focusing on Obama's "plan to put hard working Americans first."

The positive spot, which the Obama campaign stresses will air during the Olympics, opens with a shot of a home construction site.

"It begins with a plan," an announcer says as the ad opens. "A plan to build. A plan to put hard working Americans first."

"Barack Obama: He'll put the middle class ahead of corporate interests," the announcer continues, as the words "OBAMA ECONOMIC PLAN" appear onscreen.

"To grow the economy; End tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas; Help businesses that create jobs here; Invest in education; Cut taxes for working families; And make energy independence an urgent national priority."